“I am enjoying my beautiful necklace and have received many compliments.  There were so many beautiful things to choose from in your Gallery, it was difficult to discipline myself.  The pleasure was to have met you and that will remain a special part of my memorable trip to Vancouver.”
Dr. Zak  New Jersey, USA 

“Meeting you and visiting your Gallery was such a Bonus!  
I must tell you that I really enjoy wearing the earrings and have gotten so many compliments.  Thank you again … the earrings are so beautiful!”
Judy Engkabo, Hawaii, USA

“Thanks for your generosity and kind heart.  Your artistic soul is a gift to all of us.  May the universal creativity always be with you.”
Maria, West Vancouver, Canada

“We were embraced by your creativity and sincerity!  Continue to enjoy life in your sharing of happiness!”
Ruby & Arthur, Washington, DC, USA

“Whenever I am in Vancouver, a visit to your Gallery is a must for me.  I am inspired by the colour and style in your creations.”
Noriko Ishikawa, Hokaido, Japan
Customer Comments
Terry’s Gallery has been located at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver since 1988.  He delights in welcoming visitors from all over the world.  Here is what they are saying about Terry’s Gallery and his creations:
“A delightful experience is an everyday occurrence at the Sasaki Art Gallery in Vancouver.  Be sure to stop by to see all the wonderful treasures”.
Paul, Vancouver, Canada